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Alamo Rent a Car is a car rental agency in the United States. Based in Clayton, Missouri, it has branches across North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania.

Francis wrote in a review "The story is simple. I will be making a complaint to the EUROPEAN UNION CUSTOMER RIGHTS. My emails to Alamo customer service are answered only by automatic reply and I have not had contact with anyone capable of helping me. Alamo is taking advantage of their customers and have taken an unauthorized payment of over 1000Euros from me. I rented a car for ONE day at ROISSY CDG airport in Paris, France. I used it for less then 24hrs. I even went out of my way to return the car at 1am because I had an early flight the next day because I didn't want complications. But the next day, I received an email stating I returned the car damaged which is not true."


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Wayne in Ohio says

"I accidentally chose the wrong location for my prepaid rental car reservation in Arizona. I quickly discovered the error and called Alamo to correct it. They will gladly upgrade your reservation for free, but if you want to change the location it will cost you a $50 cancelation fee. I will NEVER use Alamo again!"

Александр Наркомандр says

"- They sell insurance in advance, which they then refuse themselves and make you purchase additional twice more expensive insurance on the spot - They just thrown in the child seat in the back without securing it at all and charge you $75 for it - For re-filling 1/2 of the gas tank they overcharge the price for an actual full gas tank On the spot they are very rude and continuously try to rip you off... Never again using Alamo"

Ruth C says

"We rented from Alamo at the Ft Myers Airport. Little did we know we had a car with a plugged tire which blew on State Route 4 on our way to a family vacation at Disney. Between the time we spent on hold with Alamo, waiting for our AAA to change the flat, and time at the tire store, we got to spend very little time with our family. We spoke to Bettina Somjee when we returned our car who promised to refund three days of our contract. It's been a week with no credit shown and we are unable to contact Bettina even though she shared her business phone with us....again on hold for an hour!!"

sree varsha says

"Fake claims Fake Company.. They cheat you. Please think twice before booking a car with them"

Jan Vaudebe says

"Very uncomfortable from the beginning: Hidden extra fees (airport fee or forcing you to take an additional driver), no acceptance of debit cards, very slow and not very helpful service!"

Vpinak Aradan says

"Horrible! At least clean the car before renting. Car smelled like rotten eggs."

krison winkle says

"I had rented a car from alamo back in September for my vacation, the car they had given me was a pos the tired were bald as hell, they didn't clean it before renting it to me and my Fiance, their were all kinda if dents and scratches on it, when I returned the car I had told them all of my complaints, and they told me I won't see the charge, well its no December and they hut me with the full charge once again, this is the worst company for a car renal I've ever used I will not be coming back to them!"

Ezz Fakhri says

"I’ve visited Dallas the last week, i had to rent a car from this place Alamo! DFW airport online! Through the pick up process I can say this is the worst customer service i ever had , one of the company employees were so rude and disrespectful and won’t to offer any kind of help or apologize either way.while the dont have cars available."

Karen Donlan says

"2 hour wait in line resulting in low back pain that I have never had before. Lost 2 hours of vacation time and got 2 hours of discomfort. Other Rental desks were open and processing in a timely fashion. Only offered a car upgrade. I declined and then no more response from them. I expected a better reply. Your thoughts?"

Suzanna Bolton says

"This was a horrible experience for friends of ours. The car basically quick working and they would not bring them a new one even though they would come and pick up the broken one! If you rent a less than quality vehicle to two women traveling alone and just leave them in the middle of no where without transportation you should not be in business!"

Blind Disappointnent says

"If I could give less than a 1 star, I would. E?We reserved a full size SUV a week in advance. When we got to the front desk,, we discovered our SUV had been given to someone else, because the car they had reserved was given to someone else. I am legally blind an requested the full size SUV so that I would be able to manage getting in and out of the vehicle, and I was traveling with 4 other adults. Our only choice for accomidating 5 adults was a Dodge 1500. We accepted the truck as it was our only choice. The truck had no running boards and was quite high off the ground. I had to be boosted by my husband to even get into the truck. As a blind oerson, it is very difficult to jump out of a truck when you can't feel the ground beneath you. I have spent hours on the phone talking with representatives of Alamo who basically don't care. They won't switch out the vehicle for me. If I wanted to go back to the airport and wait for a full size SUV to be returned, they will be happy to make an exchange. Are you kidding me? I am suppose to sit at the airport on my vacation and wait for another car? They refused to bring a SUV to my hotel claiming its a service their company doesn't offer. Hmmmm.... Alamo and Enterprise are combined at the airport and Enterprise "picks you up". I was told roadside service will come pick up the truck and I can pay for a taxi or Uber to go back to the airport.... Really? At my expense? And again, take 2 hours out if my vacation to fix their mistake. Unbelievable. I told a customer service person that this level of service was pathetic. And he asked my to not use that type if language. ???? Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic!!!! The start of my vacation and my daughter's wedding has been ruined because of Alamo. I am not able to with her and her dad to the pre wedding events we had planned due to Alamos poor service and inability to care enough to make this situation right for me. I am thorough disgusted and heartbroken. Thanks Alamo. Pathetic is too nice of a word to describe hiw I feel about this company right now."

Alison says

"Terrible car rental company Remember they have access to your credit card, and can take whatever suits them!!! Took an extra £600+ from our account when we had already paid £800+ BEWARE!!!!"

AT says

"DO NOT EVER RENT FROM ALAMO I am in the middle of a dispute with them as we speak. It is VERY clear that they have no set protocol, and make mistakes with their processing, as I have already poked numerous holes in their supposed argument of trying to pin the costs of EXISTING damages on me, WEEKS after my rental was closed and I even was given a refund for an overcharge. How do I even know they’re not trying to pin charges on me for damage that another renter or employee caused after my rental? There are just so many things wrong with this situation. They claimed I signed saying there were no existing damages, yet I never lifted a pen to a single piece of paper at any time while I was in the car garage! NOR WAS I TOLD BY THE REP TO SIGN OR ACKNOWLEDGE ANYTHING ONCE RECEIVING THE CAR! The only signatures they have of mine on record are those for declining their additional insurance coverages, INSIDE THE BUILDING BEFORE WE EVER WENT OUT TO GET A CAR. It’s very clear that they attempt to compensate for errors on the part of their employees by shifting the blame and responsibility to any naïve customer that will fall for it. IT’S NOT HAPPENING THIS TIME. God and two other passengers are my witness that we did not so much as scratch the car while it was in our possession. It sounds to me like their employees failed to follow protocol and document damages at some point before my rental, but that is not my fault and i will not volunteer to bare the burden. There is no way I’m paying a single dime. If I could give negative 20 stars I would."

Nicholas Ivancic says

"Place a car reservation through Priceline and I go to pick it up and they won’t let me use my debt card because I live in the same state. So you’ll accept and out of state debt card but you accept mine. My tire popped last night and now I had to turn away money I was going to make because of you. And you people in Boston are useless, I will never use your company ever again. I will be contacting with a discriminatory complaint. You discriminated against me based on where I live."

Patterson F says

"This is terrible. I just was charged an additional $95 for a cleaning fee from Alamo, for a rental that was made almost two weeks prior. It's odd that I returned the vehicle to the William Hobby rental return in Houston, TX. I made sure to fill the tank back up, and get any trash out of the vehicle. I handed my keys to the agent, she did an overview of the vehicle politely gave me my receipt and then I was on my way. I happen to look at my discover card, saw there was an additional charge of $95 dollars. I called customer service and she told me that I had been charged a cleaning fee. No extra info, I was just charged a cleaning fee. I can deal with a small fee, but for $95 I was charged a deluxe detail. Who does that. The agent never said hey you may be charged additional fee. I assumed because she felt that it was nonessential dirt on shoes from travel. This is completely UNSAT! ALAMO, you have officially lost a customer and gained an advocate to tell family and friends of at all possible, never sent from this rip off rental company. One star is the minimum it will allow me to give. 👎"

Lol says

"Had a car booked in Pisa via the supposed trustworthy Trailfinders. Arrived at the desk to be told they (Alamo) wouldn't hire the vehicle as my licence had expired. I pointed that the UK Government had extended all licences by 11 months due to C19 and the huge backlog in processing applications - they refused to accept this despite the EU also extending all licences for 7 months (including accepting UK licences). Consequently, left without a car with a hotel booked in one of the most remote areas of the country. Interestingly, all was OK - until I declined the huge insurance extras - at which point one of the 4 guys on the desk got in the car and drove it away!!! Trailfinders was as good as useless: after 17 minutes on hold to discuss the issue they came back with 'does your wife have a licence?' and, quite unbelievably, suggesting I try the other rental desks instead!!! I've advised Trailfinders of its liability in selling a service that one of its providers has failed to deliver but with the sort of boring predictability one now expects from so many travel companies in denial about their C19 related responsibilities, they're denying it all, suggesting any refund is reliant on Alamo. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant these major companies are over consumer law related issues. I trust a trip to the courts will address that issue. Avoid both Trailfinders and Alamo."

Jack Ochtera says

"This place sucks. Made a reservation for 450 bucks. after trying to pick up the car I was hit with a total of 912. The amount of hidden fees is disgusting, canceled my reservation and went to Avis"

Luis Hernández Salgado says

"Payed for a car online for the beach. When I arrived they said they had no car but only more expensive vans. They wanted me to pay for a van on the spot. They told me they knew nothing about my car and could do nothing. Tried to get my money back but customer service kept hanging up after several minutes talking with them. Good thing I payed with AMEX and they returned my money because of their policy. But even them could not get a clarification from Alamo."

Shun says

"I was pleased with customer service given from the 1(888) number. When I arrive at the Flint Bishop Airport location, I was told the kind of car I would be getting and that this car had no wheel coverings on the tires. Not happy I asked the customer service person did they have another vehicle because I did not want a car like that. I was told that was all they had . Because I needed the vehicle I took it but asked for an discount . I was told the mgr would have to be contacted to determine that. I was contacted by the manager 2 days later. She stated I could swap the car out just contact them in advanced. I tried on a few different occasions but she was never available. Once again I called the 1 888 number and was told that if I kept the car that I would be given a discount for the inconvenience so I kept the car. A few days passed I call customer service because I thought about extending my rental and upon talking to customer service I wanted to verify my price for the previous rental and was now told they could not honor a discount. I choose not to extend my rental I will never book with Alamo again."

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